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  • Millie’s Old Fashioned Ginger Beer Kit

    Quick Overview

    Make ginger beer the old fashioned way!


  • Millie’s Specialty Cheese Kit

    Quick Overview

    This kit contains all the equipment and ingredients to make Camembert, Blue Vien, Blue Stilton Style Cheese, Double Cream Brie and French Neufchatel. Each cheese takes approximately 1 day to create (not incl. ageing time) and is aged for between 4 weeks and 3 months depending on the cheese.


  • Mr. Tea Infuser

    Quick Overview

    There is nothing like coming home from a long day at work, putting on your comfy pants, stuffing some tea leaves in, and climbing into your own big bathtub.

    $14.95 $8.95

  • Pug In A Mug Silicone Tea Infuser

    Quick Overview

    A perfect gift for anyone who bemoans the lack of “proper” tea in the office and refuses to use teabags!

    • Material: Silicone
    • Dimensions (approx.): H9 x W3.5 x D4.5cm
    $14.95 $9.95

  • Quadruple Ice Shot Glass Mould

    Quick Overview

    Great for parties!
    Ice moulds make 4 ice shot glasses with a 60ml capacity.  Flexible silicone for easy removal.


  • Rabbit Bottle Opener

    Quick Overview
    • .Dishwasher safe
    • Item Size: 110 x 480mm
    • Weight: 104g
    • Package Dimensions:
    • Packing: OPP bag
    $9.95 $2.00

  • Rivsalt Kitchen Gift Set

    Quick Overview

    Kitchen brings you the renowned “RIVSALT gastronomic experience” into your food preparation area.


  • Rivsalt Original

    Quick Overview

    Rivsalt [grated salt] is a gastronomic experience and a new way of adding salt to food. Natural Himalaya salt is grated onto the dish with a Japanese stainless steel grater of highest quality. The salt and grater becomes a centerpiece of the dining table when placed in the accompanying stand made from untreated natural oak.


  • Rivsalt Refill

    Quick Overview

    Refill comes with three amazing Himalayan salt rocks. 


  • Rivsalt Taste Jr.

    Quick Overview

    TASTE Jr is another new addition to the RIVSALT family and is the perfect way to explore the tastes of different rock salts from around the world.



    Quick Overview

    If you’re looking for the pepper, well just look inside the salt!  Like classic Russian matryoshka dolls, these salt and peppers are nested into our Salt-M Salt & Pepper Shakers to enhance the fun as they enhance the flavor.  Just think of them as the original spice girls!

    $16.95 $10.00

  • Shark Head Ice Mould

    Quick Overview
    • Make your own frozen shark head
    • Cute design to delight your cold drink
    • Made of food grade silicone rubber capable of withstanding extreme temperatures
    $14.95 $12.95

  • Silicone Tea Infuser – Shark

    Quick Overview
    • Shark-shaped tea infuser for your favourite tea leaves
    • Cute design to delight your daily cup of tea
    • Made of non-toxic silicone robber
    $14.95 $7.95

  • Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser

    Quick Overview

    Take a break from your frantic pace and let the Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser make you the ideal cup of tea.

    $16.95 $14.95

  • Spin the Shot Drinking Game

    Quick Overview

    Spin the Shot Drinking Game:

    • Includes one glass shot glass and plastic drink spinner
    • Shot glass measures 2½” tall and 2” in diameter
    • Arrow spinner measures 4½” x 2” x 2”
    • No assembly or batteries required
    $16.95 $12.95

  • Sumo Eggs

    Quick Overview

    With this pair of red and black sumo egg holders, you can start a little-but-tasty food fight of your own. And remember, the winner breaks it all!

    Size: 5.5 x 5.7 x 4 cm (each)

    $24.95 $12.95


    Quick Overview

    Tea Bones Tea Infuser creep while you steep with this lil bone daddy. Tea time just stepped up it’s game with this 100% food-safe silicone skull. Crack open this lil guy and put yer tea in to make him insane in the brain. Then all ya gotta do is dip this lil guy in some hot water and he’ll do the rest. Attached to his dome is a chain leading to a set of crossbones so you don’t lose yer lil guy in yer tea jacuzzi. After he’s done doin’ the damn thing, take him out and rest him on the bones to complete the look cuz there’s nothin’ like a hot cup o’ macabre in the morning.



    Quick Overview

    The Ass Family could be any family on the planet, but it includes members who are specialised in different areas of being an ‘ass’. Come and meet the Ass Family who are recreated in stick figures on this Ass Family Mug. Represent your slightly disfunctional but quite normal family, or work-team, on your coffee mug.

    $12.99 $8.99

  • Vodka Jelly Baby Shot Mould

    Quick Overview
    • Jelly shot mould to create large vodka jelly babies
    • Tray creates 4 jelly shots at a time
    • Just add vodka, jelly and water
    • Fun retro packaging
    $14.95 $6.95

  • Whip It Whisk

    Quick Overview

    You can now whip things right into shape in your own kitchen with this Whip It Whisk!

    $14.95 $3.95

  • Whiskey Stones (set of 9)

    Quick Overview

    Whiskey Stones are cubes of solid soapstone that will chill your liquor without diluting it.
    Unlike ice, Whiskey Stones are non-porous and thus odorless and tasteless. So, adding Whiskey Stones to your favorite bourbon will chill the spirit without affecting its taste.


  • Wine Bottle Glass

    Quick Overview

    Wine Bottle Glass : Finally – A Wine Glass That Fits My Needs!

    • Looks just like a wine bottle but with a convenient wine glass on top
    • Hold an entire 750 ml bottle of wine
    • Perfect for having just one glass of wine with dinner
    $29.95 $24.95

  • YolkFish: Egg Yolk Fish Separator

    Quick Overview

    Not to be mistaken for a Pokemon (see: Goldeen), this Yolk Fish has egg separating powers that will disable your shell-to-shell-yolk-juggling. Treat the yolk as fish food, bring the fish’s mouth down to the yolk, squeeze the fish, gently bring its mouth to the yolk, release to swallow yolk and squeeze again to release. Done! Gulp, gulp gulp!

    $19.95 $9.95