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Here we have a unique collection of Funny Gifts, Gag Gifts, Pranks, Jokes and Cool Gadgets. A novelty, pointlessly funny gift is often a great choice for someone how has everything. So sit back and explore the unique range of funny gifts and novelty items that shall confuse; amuse and bewilder individuals of all ages.

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    Some of us have experienced the misfortune of losing a set of keys inside of a giant, everything-engulfing purse.  You shove your arm inside and flail it around in a desperate search for the keys that you can hear jingling inside, but they are nowhere to be found.  Save yourself the stress with our Bobino Key Clip!


  • bobino slim pen

    Quick Overview
    • Affix the Slim Pen docking tab to the inside cover of your favourite notebook or agenda.
    • Slide Slim Pen off the tab and you are ready to write.
    • Replace the Slim Pen to it's docking tab and close your notebook.

  • BOTTLE OPENER | Candy Skull

    Quick Overview

    Candy skull bottle opener in bright colours with flowers over the eyes and line detailing.

    $9.95 $5.00

  • Smart Power – Smart Phone Power Bank

    Quick Overview

    •    Charge Smart Power by USB before each use (Charging time approx 7 hours)
    •    Will fully charge an iPhone in approx. 4 hours.
    •    Contains a 2600 mAh lithium battery.
    •    Includes automatic cut off function once your phone is fully charged.
    •    Not for use with tablets.
    •    Includes USB Charging cord


  • Vodka Jelly Baby Shot Mould

    Quick Overview
    • Jelly shot mould to create large vodka jelly babies
    • Tray creates 4 jelly shots at a time
    • Just add vodka, jelly and water
    • Fun retro packaging
    $14.95 $6.95

  • White Alcohol Shot Gun

    Quick Overview
    • The Alcohol Shotgun is an alcohol dispenser shaped like a water pistol
    • Fill the cartridge, aim and pull the trigger straight into someone’s mouth
    • Ideal for stag weekends, boys nights out, anytime when no one is driving
    • Serves 41ml (1 ½ oz) of any booze of your choice
    • Dimensions: Approximately 25 cm x 12 cm x 6 cm
    $29.95 $19.95