Archie McPhee – Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Archie McPhee – Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure
Archie McPhee – Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure


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Every town has a Crazy Cat Lady. She’s the one who lives in a tiny house full of feral felines. This 5-1/4″ (13.3 cm) tall hard vinyl Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure has a wild look in her eye and comes with six cats. Illustrated window box.

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RAZY CAT LADY ACTION FIGURE Cat hair covered clothes? Check. Cupboards chocka full of different cat foods because your precious moggy is a picky eater? Check. Mobile memory full of photographs you've taken of other people's cats at various parties? Check. You're a lady? Check. You own a cat? Check.

If you answered yes to two or more of the following questions, then congratulations! You are more than likely a crazy cat lady. Not that we really agree with that term though. More like a classy cat lady. Especially with those stylish carpet slippers you're rocking! Oooh. A cat just vomited on them... Not to worry, your very own mini-you Crazy Cat Lady Action figure will always look good. With her gaunt pallor, crazy hair and six cats (she's so lucky), you can re-create scenes from your own life with this plastic persona of you. Luckily these cats can't vomit.


  • A plastic, cat mad wonderful woman and her six moggies
  • The perfect sideboard display of your future goals
  • A great gift for someone you love who may be going down to crazy town
  • Comes in a gift box


  • Inclusions: 1 crazy cat lady and her six cats
  • Dimensions: Crazy Cat Lady stands 13 cms high
  • Not intended for children under the age of 12



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