Moon Hoax Tee Shirt

Moon Hoax Tee Shirt


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Wonder if we really landed on the moon?

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Wonder if we really landed on the moon?

Oh sure, we "landed on the Moon." Riiiight. Just like 9/11 was an "Al Qaeda job" and Jimmy Carter "wasn't" an alien reptile sent to destroy us. Come on, people! It was clearly staged in a Hollywood studio. Why? Think about it. It was the height of the Cold War. We had to trick the Russians into thinking we were ahead of them.

But while the smoke and mirrors might have fooled a massive, paranoid superpower like the USSR, they're no match for the mind of a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist. See, everyone was in on it. The President, the astronauts, the scientists, mission control, the filmmakers, their wives -- everyone. So why have none of them come forward? Because if there's one thing people are good at, it's keeping secrets. Especially big, juicy, Earth-shattering secrets.

But what about all those Moon rocks the astronauts brought back? Ah ha! Strike three! Everyone knows the moon is made of cheese, not rocks. Show me some Moon cheese and we'll talk.

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