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Bucket of Doom – The death-dodging party game

Bucket of Doom: Death Dodging Party Game it would tempting to simply take my review of Cards Against Humanity and literally reskin it with the review of Bucket of Doom. Both use the same mechanic in that each turn one player has to match answers from each of the other player's hand to a given question and chooses the…
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Shit Happens: A Fun, New Card Game For Adults!

Disclosure: I was given this game for review purposes, but you bet all opinions are my own! Shit Happens: A fun new card game for adults.  If you love inappropriate card games & lots of laughter, Shit Happens is the game for you! Shit Happens.  For me, it usually happens every morning after my first cup…
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Cards Against Humanity

his Cards Against Humanity package makes a great gift, and is perfect for those wanting the six extra expansion sets that make up the fully complete game. The main version of Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Its a hilarious game, that is sure to get the party started! Unlike most…
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